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Engage buyers 24x7 with live, AI-powered responses, delivered in seconds, everywhere: Facebook Messenger, CarGurus, AutoTrader, SMS, and more.

How we do it

We start the conversation.
You reap the 🏆.

Your info.
Your responses.

Teach your AI the ins and outs of your dealership, and watch it become your limitless, future-forward sales engine—nailing accurate responses and keeping conversations alive, every time.

• It’s consistent
• It sets expectations
• It's fast; we're always available

Never Lose A Buyer Again

Imagine you took the best car salesman you ever knew, gave them a limitless drug, and then turned them into a superhero who never had to sleep - that’s what Hammer is doing for dealerships right now. It’s always ready, never resting, and it turns every customer interaction on all your top ad platforms like Autotrader, CarGurus, and CarFax, into potential deals

Chat makes connecting easy.


Being on Facebook Marketplace and integrating Messenger puts you where you can reach all your local shoppers.

• Never miss connecting with
  ready-to-buy customers
• Be the first to respond


Simply drop a few lines of code into your current website and you can tap into the full power of Hammer’s round-the-clock First Responder team.

• Filter out unqualified leads
• Give interested customers immediate info (and confidence in your dealership)

All your calls in one place.

We'll provide you with unique tracking numbers that route all your messages to one easy to find location.

• Callable phone numbers
• Textable too
• No more guessing where calls are coming from

Getting your inventory out there


Move your inventory faster.

Join the OfferUp Verified Dealer Program on the nation’s #1 local marketplace app, with over 90 million downloads from buyers all across the nation.


Designed for your market and budget.

With six years and millions of ads posted, we're the best when it comes to delivering results from craigslist. Work with our team of experts to create custom advertising campaigns.

Don’t lose the lead.

56% Of our leads are produced after business hours
100 Average number of messages needed to produce a quality lead
Hammer answers buyers’ simple requests accurately and completely because they are data-backed AI responses, via information we collect straight from your dealership.
Answer our questions about your financing, warranties, and other details just once, and we’ll respond to every customer accordingly, at 3 PM or 3 AM, any time they ask.
“We used to never have more than five people in the office before we were on Craigslist, Offer Up and Facebook, and Hammer has eliminated the need for a BDC department with their fast and accurate responses. Now our office is always full of customers ready to buy!”
Matthew Gentile - Consumer Auto Credit & Luxury Auto Mall, FL

Take Hammer for a test drive. 🚘

Text us your name, dealership and “Let’s Go!” to schedule a time to chat, or give us your number and we’ll text you.
You can text us:
(512) 883-1336
We can text you: