Our purpose is to be the healthiest place to work.

We created Hammer because we wanted to make a positive dent in the universe. We feel that our best chance of doing that starts with creating a healthy place to work. From there, we believe things can scale.
Our intentions


Most companies ask for loyalty from their employees. We think that's a bullshit move. It's bullshit because those companies imply that the loyalty will be given in return. But if you've lived through a financial downturn, you know that this loyalty only lasts as long as it's good for the business.

The foundation of a healthy employee and employer relationship should be anchored in self-interest. There should never be any implied obligation that our employees are expected to stay working here for a second longer than it serves them.

We encourage our employees to put their health, happiness, and wellbeing first. We find when this happens, it results in gratitude and appreciation for the company and people work harder in their jobs because it serves them in all aspects of their lives.

First principles

In 1972, US patent No. 3,653,474 was issued for rolling luggage. That is three years after we sent a man to the moon. That's crazy! While having luggage on wheels seems like a no-brainer, "new" luggage at the time was being modeled after existing luggage without consideration for the most convenient way to actually transport and store a traveler's things.

We strive to always find the "why" behind our actions and approach solutions with a clean slate. Here's a few more of our principles:


Some companies optimize for profitably, others for growth. We're all about longevity, and the best strategy for survival is to learn to make yourself stronger through disruption.

Minimize power distances

"Strong opinions held lightly" is a powerful concept because if it's done correctly, it creates a framework where action can be taken decisively, and mistakes corrected quickly. But for this to work best, contrarian opinions need to be fostered at all levels of our company.

Business is our art

An artist will spend an irrational amount of time obsessing over the smallest detail. They do this because their end goal is the art itself. We approach the way we run our business and build our products with that similar mindset. We strive for perfection, and have no room for anyone who doesn't approach their work with the same level of care.

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